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Frequently Asked

Who is eligible for RESOLV?
Adults age 18 or older (with some exceptions for younger candidates on case-by-case basis). The candidate should be able to state why they want to enroll. Saying that they are being "told to enroll" by a referral source is not enough. Persons with criminal charges or working a case-plan must be prepared to explain these and to acknowledge their own abuse or violence that led to the referral. Pleading guilty to an offense but then denying responsibility for it during our interview will likely result in denial of the enrollment. In addition, a candidate must be able to convince the person doing the screening that they will be an interested and willing student who will participate in the classes and truly try to learn from them.

How do I refer someone to RESOLV?
Simply give the candidate our phone number, (706)-270-5130. Or, you may direct the person to present themselves for an eligibility screening at our office at 214 West King St. in Dalton. Candidates must bring a $20 money order and come at one of the following times during the week:

Mondays 2:00PM-4:00pm, Thursdays 9:00AM-11:00AM. 

What is the difference between the Anger Management Course and the Family Violence Intervention Program?
Our Anger Management Course teaches basic awareness and understanding of emotional escalation and the skills to identify, express and defuse anger. The course focuses on identifying and managing common anger issues experienced by most persons in their daily lives. The Family Violence Intervention Program, on the other hand, is targeted specifically for persons who use intimidation, abuse, and/or violence to control an intimate partner. Anger may play a role in triggering incidents of abuse or in frightening the victim into compliance; however, a man's beliefs about male privilege, a right to control and be dominant, and gender inequality tend to be the real underlying problem in these relationships. The primary focus of the FVIP is not anger control. It is instead to challenge the attitudes and beliefs that give men permission to use violence to assert control or dominance. 

How do I know which RESOLV class is right for my client?
You do not need to prescribe a particular course. We will determine which course is most appropriate for your client after we have conducted our screening. It is very helpful to us if you can offer additional information regarding past problems, especially problems associated with substance abuse, addiction, and family violence. 

How much does it cost?
The prerequisite screening is $20. Additional fees will be discussed apon determining eligibility for the course. Once enrolled, all participants pay each week before entering the class. All fees must be paid with money orders. Class fees may not be paid in advance.

How many classes are there?
Classes meet once per week and may involve 10,12, or even 26 weekly classes depending on the length of the course in which the candidate enrolls. 


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