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Limited Case Management

LCM is designed to provide short-term coaching for RESOLV candidates and participants who, for specific reasons noted below, are likely to be unsuccessful in their enrollment without some immediate but temporary support. LCM can offer the person a type of assistance that might give them a better chance to comply with court and probation requirements and, more especially, increase their chances of completing a RESOLV course. The LCM session is normally an individual consultation; the coach assists the person in identifying the barriers they are experiencing to successful enrollment and in defining and progressing through steps for overcoming those barriers. Often, LCM will result in referral to an additional community resource. Occasionally, however rarely, LCM might determine that a candidate is just not appropriate for a RESOLV course after all.

Who is appropriate for LCM? 
LCM is not for every individual who is facing problems that make enrollment challenging. The problem(s) must be seen as so significant during screening or initial enrollment that RESOLV staff believes the candidate is highly unlikely to be successful.  At the same time, there must be some evidence that the problem(s) might be overcome (by the candidate, not by the case manager) if given brief meetings of coaching, guidance, and suggestions of ideas, resources and tools.

What is the role of the LCM Case Manager?
Typical tasks of the LCM Case Manager include coaching, instruction, and encouragement on such things as time and task management, employment readiness, accessing public and private assistance programs, addressing a chemical dependency issue, securing GED or technical certifications, finding needed community resources; and, consistently discussing the goals, steps, and responsibilities defined in the LCM Plan.


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