Challenging violence and the abuse of power in all its forms;
​ Working to increase safety and justice for the abused; 
Insisting on accountability for the abuser


  This is a State-certified, 26-week accountability course for men who are abusive to an intimate partner. It         combines education and support to help change behaviors. Participants are asked to examine their beliefs and     attitudes about power, control, dominance and the right to punish a partner. They learn to stop using anger to       frighten and control a partner.



  This 10-week course will help men and women understand and accept angry feelings, an important first step. In   these classes participants will be taught how to do the following: accept responsibility for their own feelings and   actions, challenge ideas and beliefs they hold which tend to fuel their anger, acknowledge and communicate         negative feelings, notice warning signs of frustration, act in assertive but non-violent ways when angry or                 threatened.

  Note: Candidates with a history of Family Violence behavior, charges, or convictions will not be enrolled in this       course; however, they may be eligible for the FVIP course.



  This is a 12-week course designed to help men and women avoid committing new criminal offences following a     conviction for certain misdemeanor crimes such as criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, deposit account fraud,   vandalism, or shoplifting. 

  Some topics that will be introduced in the course are learning to accept responsibility for one's own actions,           improving problem-solving skills, money management, communication, and self-esteem enhancement.                   Participants are encouraged to examine how their learned attitudes and beliefs, friendships and peer influences,   alcohol and drug use, stress, and other issues tend to affect their choices; and, they will explore how their               offenses cause harm to others and themselves. 


  This is a 26-week education course designed to help women stop using violence as a way to control or punish
  an intimate partner. It can be customized to meet requirements of a certified Family Violence Intervention               Program under Georgia law. The course is intended only for a candidate who admits a significant pattern of           violence toward an intimate partner and when the violence has not been self-defense occurring in the                     context of her own victimization by an abusive partner.​​

  The RESOLV Project continues to design and structure this course in such a way that it avoids punishing a victim   of domestic violence but also provides her with resources for gaining safety and justice for herself.


  LCM is designed to provide short-tern coaching for RESOLV candidates who, for various reasons, are likely to be     unsuccessful with their enrollment in one of the standard courses without first receiving some immediate but       temporary support. LCM can offer a type of assistance that might give them a better chance to comply with           court and probation requirements and, in particular, increase their chances of completing a RESOLV course.

  LCM may include coaching about time and task management, employment readiness, accessing public and             private assistance programs, securing GED or technical certifications, arranging transportation, addressing             alcohol or drug dependency, and finding needed community resources.


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