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Women's Violence Recovery

This is a 26-week education course designed to help women stop using violence as a way to control an intimate partner. It meets the requirements of a certified Family Violence Intervention Program under Georgia law. It is not a therapy or treatment group, but it is a supportive community of women learning together to identify about and to choose more effective tools to manage conflict in relationships. This course is intended only for a candidate who admits a pattern of violence toward an intimate partner when that violence has not been in self-defense, i.e.: not in response to her partner’s violence toward her. While we believe it is important that all persons be held accountable for their choice to use abuse and violence, we acknowledge that there still exists in our culture today a tendency to blame a woman for her spouse’s violence and to punish her for finally responding to it.

After carful and thorough screening of the candidate by our staff, the woman will also be interviewed by a trained family violence victim advocate. This advocate will assess the person’s state of safety in her current relationship as well as her background, history and access to support and resources. Before making a decision to enroll the woman in this course, the Project must assure itself that she has adequate status, power, and freedom to safely make non-violent choices in her current relationship. We believe it is essential that she not be further victimized by assuming responsibility for her partner’s abusive behaviors towards her. Rather than enrolling her, she may be referred instead to other more appropriate services to help her secure safety, justice, and more acceptable means of empowerment.

Through the use of videos, workbooks, group discussion and other stimulating activities, RESOLV class facilitators encourage participants to work together to reject beliefs and habits that are destructive to intimate relationships. They assist participants in rejecting their controlling behaviors and in finding a healthier empowerment through personal accountability and positive skills.

WVR is not an “Anger Management” course. It is targeted specifically for women who use intimidation, abuse and/or violence to control an intimate partner when that partner has less freedom or power. The primary focus of the course is not anger control. Instead, it is to challenge the attitudes and beliefs that give individuals a sense of permission to use violence to assert control or dominance or to impose punishment.


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